General Rules of Participation

  1. The maximum number of runners allowed in an off-road race is 400 participants per each race.
  2. For the organization of the 83nd Arcadia Races 2023, all health protocols are applied as in force, based on the clarifications of the General Secretariat of Sports, before the date of the event.
  3. All staff / volunteers / judges / collaborators are applied all health protocols as in force, based on the clarifications of the General Secretariat of Sports, before the date of the event.
  4. It is recommended to all runners to wear a protective mask from their arrival on the race site until they take position on the start point.

Before the race

The transportation of participants / volunteers / employees / judges / collaborators for the purposes of the event both before and after the race will be carried out in accordance with the Health Protocol of the National Public Health Organization.

Athletes must wear protective masks and carry their IDs with them to receive their participation kit.


In case the athletes do not present the above documents, they will NOT be able to receive the participation material and will be excluded from the competition.

Athletes ARE NOT ALLOWED to pick up the participation kit for other athletes (this also applies to group registrations).

The Kit Collection Centre should operate allocating the runners per day/time and service booths.

It is advisable that the Kit Collection Centre is placed on an open space, should the weather conditions are favorable.

The Collection Centre has a certain number of booths from where runners pick-up their own bib number and race kit, which is relevant to the overall number of runners to be welcomed. The booths will be at least 1.5m apart (right and left) and at least 6m when they are placed facing each other. The waiting lines of the runners will follow strictly the rule of 1.5m (to every direction) between the runners of each waiting line as well as between the runners of different waiting lines.

Participants will be invited through e-mail to collect their number and the participation kit at certain days and time, so as to avoid crowding.

In front of every booth there will be signage stickers on the floor/road in order to indicate to the runners the exact spot they should stand while they are waiting to be served. These stickers will be placed at a distance of 1.5m from each other.

If the Center is situated in a closed space, then only 1 person per m2 is allowed to be simultaneously in the area at the same time.

At the entrance of the Collection Center there will be personnel that will monitor the visitors’ flow and, if needed, they will temporarily suspend the entrance in case the maximum number of visitors inside the Collection Center is reached.

Participants will be informed in advance about the events’ procedures via personalized email communication.

It is mandatory for The Kit Collection Center staff to wear a protective mask.

It is mandatory for runners/visitors to wear a protective mask during their stay at the Collection Center.

Antiseptic hand gel will be available at each booth for volunteers / employees / associates, as well as participants / visitors.

In case of a potential suspicious Covid case either among volunteers, staff or participants, a specific closed space shall be identified to be used. Such a room shall be in distance to the other areas.

Appropriate and adequate signage shall be on site (indoor and outdoor), reminding the visitors the social distancing guidelines (1.5m), as well as the instructions of the Organizing Committee.

In addition, material will be sent via email to all those related to the event, with the rules of operation of the Registration Center, as well as the rules that runners must follow during the race day.

Race day - starting point

The athletes’ start in all the races will take place according to Health protocols in force based on the clarifications of the General Secretariat of Sports, before the day of the event.

General instructions

  • Instructions for disinfection of common use sports equipment according to the National Public Health Organization Guidelines for the cleaning/disinfection of non-sanitary areas
  • Disinfection before and after using the equipment is recommended

Race day - during the race

During the race it is recommended and will be supervised that the runners keep as long distances as possible and adapt to the following:

  • Running side by side is safe only when a distance of 1.5m is maintained between the runners.
  • Running in a stepped formation (one in front and the other rear right or left) is safe only when an imaginary lateral distance of 1.5m is observed between the runners.
  • Runners should not be allowed to run in groups with distances shorter than those listed above.

Detailed instructions on the start procedure will be given to athletes depending on their number and the current health protocol.

All runners are allocated in the starting blocks, based on their previous best performance registered by themselves on their application form; thus ensuring a unified movement rate for those belonging to a specific starting block, resulting in the smallest possible crowding with other runners.

Runners should wear a T-shirt, which in no case should they remove before, during or after the finish until the pick-up of their kit bag.

Race day - Finish

Detailed instructions on the start procedure will be given to athletes depending on their number and the current health protocol.

After the finish, runners are given at the special service and medal stations a small plastic bag with bottled water, refreshments and/or isotonic drinks, a banana and the finishers’ medal. This procedure is contactless. The bag is placed by the staff / volunteers on tables and the runner picks them up himself/herself without contact.

Award Ceremonies are recommended to be avoided but if they are finally held the rules of social distancing and limitation of contacts will be strictly observed. Only persons, whose presence is absolutely necessary, will attend the ceremonies.

Finally, runners receive back their kit bag from the designated area, having disinfected their hands with antiseptic hand gel that will be available in the area.

Race support – Organizing committee staff

All Organizing Committee staff and volunteers shall be well trained and in full awareness of the procedures, rules and regulations to be followed during the event, as well as the present Health Protocol.

All staff will wear a protective mask and gloves throughout their involvement in the event. The protective mask and the gloves will be changed regularly as per the instructions of the National Public Health Organization.
Waste bins shall be available in all areas, where masks and gloves may be thrown.

There shall be strict access control at every support area of the event during the Race day. Access will be allowed only to those that have the appropriate credentials on their accreditation. The number of persons that may be present at each area shall be relevant to the size (sqm) of the area and on the condition that the social distancing rule of 1,5 m is always followed.

Among the support areas of the event and in the framework of medical services provision, a certain isolated room will be foreseen, where potential health incidents (one or more) shall be treated, whether they concern runners, volunteers, staff and/or partners.

The medical service room will operate following the instructions of the National Public Health Organization and having the necessary equipment.

Support areas shall be thoroughly cleaned regularly throughout the day of the Race and will be preceded by extensive disinfection before use.

Informing the participants

All participants will be constantly informed about all aspects of the event, rules, regulations and procedures to be followed.

In order to keep the runners informed, the Organizing Committee will:

  • Send out regular personalized emails. As we get closer to the Race days such communication will become more frequent
  • Printed material that will be delivered to the participants along with their number and participation kit from the Registration Centre. The material will include all the instructions and recommendations of the National Public Health Organization to prevent a potential case.
  • Install specific signage in all areas at the Registration Centre as well as in several areas along the race course and areas
  • Make regular Audio Announcements during the Race day, reminding runners of the rules that apply and procedures to be followed, the instructions and guidelines issued by the Organizing Committee and the National Public Health Organization.

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