Dear friend,

Before you decide to take part in one of the Arkadi races and before you start your training make sure you visit your doctor and you inform him about your training program before the races.

The runners, especially those who are over 35 years old or have some heart disorders, should go through a medical exam before the race.

After you get your doctor's approval, you should follow a training program that fits you, adding gradually volume to your training so as to reduce pain. During your workout it is important to add various strength exercises to improve your performance and avoid injuries.

A healthy diet and a health way of life contribute to achieve your goal.

We hope that your decision to take part in one of the Arkadi races will be the reason to make physical activity part of your daily life.

Health and safety

All athletes participate at their own risk. The organisers are not responsible for whatever happens to the athletes of all running and throwing competitions during the races due to lack of preventive health exams.

The organisers will not ask for medical certificates because athletes participate in the races at their own risk and children are supervised by their parents who have signed a solemn declaration attached to the paper or online registration form.

During the race, medical first aid staff will provide medical services at the start/finish line and at selected places on the route.

Support, food and water stations

  1. Amnatos (4 km) - water
  2. Kyrianna (7 km) - water
  3. Loutra (10 km) - water
  4. Pigi (12 km) - water
  5. Adele (13.5 km) - water
  6. Platanias (16 km) - water
  7. Perivolia (17.5 km) - water
  8. Marina Rethymno (21 km) - water

Kilometre race signs

The kilometres covered are marked with signs at every kilometre of the Arkadi Run.


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