The Armeni cemetery is located 10 km south of Rethymno, next to Armeni village in a beautiful forest of oak trees. It dates back to the Late Minoan period (13th / 12th century BC). The excavations began in 1969 and they have revealed more than 220 tombs so far; the archaeological research continues until the ancient city is revealed.

The tombs are cambered, carved on soft rock, constructed to face west and they have a long chiselled corridor to lead to the interior. Only one of the tombs revealed is arched. Apart from pottery, guns, beads and a talisman, there is an inscription in Linear A.

The impressive ceramic sarcophagi are inspired by nature and religion. You can see findings from the cemetery of Armeni at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno. The archaeological site is open to the public.


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