Gorges of extraordinary beauty are formed by the mountains and the mountain ranges in the district: Kourtaliotis gorge is 3 km long extends to Preveli Lake, Kotsifou gorge extending from the village of Kannevos to Sellia, Patsos gorge in Amari, Prassano gorge that extends to Platanias beach east of Rethymno, Arkadi gorge, Vederi gorge, Mili gorge and other smaller ones.

Kourtaliotis Gorge
Kourtaliotis gorge with imposing rocks that reach 600 m extends from Koxare village to Preveli Lake. It is a wonderful gorge that worth a visit.
Taking the road from Koxare to Asomatos we arrive at the end of the gorge, where you can visit the church of Agios Nikolaos. The gorge is run through by the river Megalos Potamos also called Kourtaliotis.

Kotsifou Gorge
Kotsifou gorge extends from the village Kannevos to Plakias. In the beginning, it is very narrow (10 m width approximately) and reaches 600 m width. It is 1,800m long and its almost vertical rocks reach 600 m height. In the gorge, there is a little church built in a rocky cave.

Patsos Gorge
Patsos gorge is easy to walk through; don’t miss a visit to the church of Agios Antonios built in a rock; it is an ideal destination for excursions and picnics.

Arkadi Gorge
Arkadi gorge extends from the Monastery of Arkadi to Pikris village. Walking down the route to the village you will get a beautiful view of the gorge is beautiful and you will admire important Venetian architectural elements.

Prassano gorge
Prassano gorge at the south of Prasses village. The route takes three hours; there are some impressive rocks and some challenging paths that make it even more interesting.


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