Rethymno is an area of contrasts where wild mountains alternate fertile plains and imposing rocky coasts alternate huge sandy beaches, each landscape of unique beauty. Apart from gorges and caves that will be presented separately, we chose some areas of outstanding natural beauty that you shouldn’t miss.

Preveli Lake
At the estuary of Mega Potamos, where ends Kourtaliotis gorge, is formed the famous Preveli lake or Finikas beach. To reach Preveli Lake you take the road to the Monastery of Preveli and just before you arrive at the monastery turn left to an earthy road; drive till the end of the road and park. Then walk until the sandy beach that looks like a tropical paradise with lots of palm trees. The waterfall that empties into the sea and the wild vegetation is a wonderful sight to admire.

Nida Plateau
In the area of Psiloritis, 79 km from Rethymno, you can visit Nida plateau with Idaion Antron, the cave where Zeus was brought up.

Just 27 km from Rethymno, taking the old national road Rethymno - Chania, you arrive at Argiroupoli. The village is built on the site of Ancient Lappa and worth a visit for the springs in Agia Dinami and the cave with a little church inside.


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