Rethymno is one of the four districts in Crete, situated between Chania and Heraklion. To the north, it is washed by the Cretan Sea and to the south by the Libyan sea.

The capital is built on a cape on the north coast of the district, just 58 km away from Chania and 78 km from Heraklion. The city is extended along the 13 km long sandy beach; on the south, there are low hills among which the tallest is Vrisinas (alt. 858 m).

Most of the areas are mountainous with impressive gorges, beautiful caves, evergreen valleys and small rivers. There are low-lying land areas on the north coast and between the mountains. There are a few rivers on the north and Geropotamos (or Avlopotamos) on the west, which don’t run out of water in winter.

As a whole, Rethymno contains mountains and mountain ranges. On the east, the highest mountain in Crete, Idi or Psiloritis, is 2,456 m tall and it covers approximately 1/5 of the whole district. Kedros (alt. 1,777 m) and Psiloritis border an amazing valley called Amari. Some more mountains are: on the northeast, Kouloukonas or Talaia Mountains (alt. 1,083 m), on the south of Rethymno Vrisinas (alt. 858 m) and on the southwest of Rethymno, Krioneritis (alt. 1,312 m), one of the summits of the mountain range Lefka Ori.

The climate is “mild mediterranean” with warm summers and long periods of rain from autumn to April. The prevailing winds are north and south.
The winds on the north and south beaches are ideal for surfing.


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