Sunday 03 November 2024

Start time: 11:30

Start point: The Holy Monastery of Arkadi
Participation at Arkadi run (22.6 km) is free for Men and Women born up to 2005.
The time limit for Arkadi run expires at 14.30. After this time there will be no finish - ranking, medical cover- and those athletes who continue their effort, will compete at their own risk.
Every 5 km of the race route, there will be an indication of the distance in kilometers.
Electronic control and timing mats will be available at start-up, ten-kilometer race and finish.

Registration is open until Monday 30th October 2023 at 10:00

Description of the itinerary
On the provincial road Arkadi - Rethymno we pass through the villages of Amnatos, Kyrianna, Loutra, Pigi, Adele, Tsesmes and the suburbs of Platanias and Perivolia, we reach the city of Rethymno, we cross the beach front and under the shadow of the castle of Fortezza, the course follows the roads I. Petyhaki, Arkadiou, Melissinou and Iroon Politechniou Square, finishing at Sohora stadium.
Thank you very much!


Regional Unit of Rethymno
Culture and Sports Department
Iroon Politechniou Square

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