This describes the policy of the ARKADI RACES Organising Committee whose office is in Rethymno Crete, concerning the general terms and conditions for the races, the use of this website and the collection, use, storing and revelation of personal data provided by the users of the website, as well as the content offered through the website.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The following Terms are legally binding in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data. In using the website διέπεται the users adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Amendments to Terms and conditions

These Terms can be modified at any time by the ARKADI RACES Organising Committee. Please visit often the website and read carefully because of amendments to terms and conditions to facilitate a successful organisation for the participants. Every time you visit the website or you send information, you accept the policy described in the terms and conditions. Moreover, you may get denied access to the content of the website at any moment, without prior notice. In this case, users’ rights on their data are not affected.

General Terms

• Any runner participates in the ARKADI RACES at his own risk after having properly trained for the race of their choice.

• All ARKADI RACES participants must take care of their health, undergo the necessary medical examination and heart tests to make sure they are medically able to take part in.

• The ARKADI RACES Organising Committee bears no responsibility in the case of any injury, damage, loss of personal belongings or any other damage arising from participation in the event.

• Any athlete can take part in the ARKADI RACES as long as they have signed up before the closing date for race registration and have paid the registration fee for the race of their choice.

• The personal information and data provided by the participants or a third party are real. The participants agree and accept that this information is stored by the ARKADI RACES Organising Committee and the website and will only be used for purposes in connection with the races. They also accept that their data are provided to third parties for race timing and results listing on the internet. They also agree that their data will be provided to the insurance company that will ensure safety during the race of their choice.

• The participants in the event consent that photos and video footage will be taken on the day of the race and during the race by official photographers of the event and agree that their full name will be used. The organisers reserve the right to host this visual material.

• Participants consent that this visual material will be uploaded on the official website after the races and will be hosted for as long as the ARKADI RACES Organising Committee decides.

• The athletes declare that they will obey the rules during and after the races.


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